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New Dell Personal Computers, Laptops and Servers

Refurbished Personal Computers

Personal Computer Repairs

Virus and Malware Removal

Printers and Imaging Systems Sales and Implementation
We will help you develop a technology plan.

We provide purchasing assistance for computers, printers, networks and software.

We partner with several technology vendors to provide a comprehensive array of technology solutions.

We integrate all necessary equipment and software with other vendors providing a single point of contact for implementation of your IT solutions

Patrick (Pat) Henry Nugent M.B.A. has been in the technology field since the early seventies.  He has been doing consulting for small to medium businesses in a variety of fields.  His entre into the personal computer business was in 1985 in a ComputerLand franchise when he helped many small business owners with the intergradation of "turn key accounting systems."  Pat has assisted hundreds of people with their computer needs and lately has been providing this in homes and offices throughout the Intermountain Area of Northern California.

Pat can bring together the people and pieces you need to clean up your computer systems with virus removal, new equipment purchases of computers, monitors, networks hardware, software, network installation, training and support.  Pat is positioning his services at the mid-level and where needed can coordinate with higher level support personnel. Personal service without the high tech talk, plain speaking so you aren't  confused about your needs and opportunities to maximize your computer equipment. Develop a network that will grow with your business. Protect your infrastructure, ideas, and investment. Call Computer Tutor Trouble Shooter today. You can't afford not to.

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